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Multiscreen Patterns

Patterns to help understand and define strategies for the multiscreen world.

precious paper devices

Paper templates for drafting ideas and prototypes across devices. Download, print and sketch away.

The precious user

Download the precious user, our generic user illustration with pop culture references – for free!

Barcode fun and esoterism

Recently Christophe showed me this article (in German). It explains why certain products, especially in the wholefood business, either have a thin line crossing out the bars or a infinity symbol (a rotated 8) printed underneath the barcode. It all has to do with the myth that the barcode contains the evil number 666 and [...]


A modular typeface inspired by a dutch stamp design from 1978 by Gert Dumbar and René van Raalte. It is available for free and can be modified and extended by everyone.

Songs about fonts

Top 7 songs with typographic references