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Weeknote 384

April 1st to 7th

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 7. April 2013

I was in South Tyrol last week, but from what I’ve heard from the others, it seemed to be a quiet week. And a short one, since Christophe left early for the easter holidays on Thursday, David was ill and Michael didn’t want to sit alone in the office.

This week:

- Michael is building a tool that we’ll use for our Design Studio Methodology workshop next week. We also hope to make it public very soon.

- Christophe made drastic changes to the overall layout of Puichon. Together with Inken he moderated a workshop with the inhouse designers of Conuma at our studio.

- I made quite a few iterations for a ubiquitous platform feature of Puichon and took care of some admin stuff.

- David took the week off.

Yesterday we’ve had a conversation about the strategic alignment of the company. We talked about what kind of projects we want to do in the future and how to evaluate new inquiries from clients. That was the easy part.
Trying to unveil the DNA of precious was much harder. We all have an idea of what our design studio is and is not. But if you dig really deep and trying to break it down to just a few basic characteristics, it’s tough work. Formulating and communicating this is even harder. Definitely too much for the limited time we’ve set aside for our meeting, so we have to continue next week.

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