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Weeknote 380

March 4th to 10th

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 9. March 2013

Conuma was on hold this week and Issaquah is done for now, so Christophe (back from Mexico), David and I all worked a little bit more time on Puichon than what we usually set aside for this project. Still the progress seems to slow down. We’re at a stage where we have to consolidate about half a year of ever-changing drafts across multiple devices. Everything is connected to everything else – if we change a header here, it has implications there, if we alter the padding on screen A, we have to consider it on screen B, C, D…

We talked about how to manage such complex design projects, how to keep a living, evolving styleguide up-to-date without slowing down the whole process, without making to many mistakes, and ultimately without losing our sanity. We don’t have a solution yet, just some ideas how it would work in an ideal world. A world which is radically different, vaster and less confined than the little island called Creative Suite.

On Thursday we had our first “precious film club” night. We watched “The Ghost of Piramida”, a documentary by Andreas Koefoed. The film maker joined Danish band Efterklang to Spitsbergen, where they recorded sounds for their new record in an abandoned russian mining town. The second narrative of the film is about a former citizen of this town, Piramida, who recalls the short, but interesting history of this russian outpost. Koefoed managed to interweave these two very different plots into a beautiful collage which I hardly can put into words. Watch it, if what I described sparks a little bit of interest. You won’t regret it.

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