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Weeknote 378 – 379

February 18th to March 3rd

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 2. March 2013

Yesterday we had a little company outing to the work-in-progress congress. Richard Sennett opened the day with a keynote about collaboration, the topic of his new book “Together”. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m currently half-way through his previous book “The Craftsman”. Although Sennett writes a lot about the history of craftsmanship, there are always passages that resonate with what we do – or try to achieve – at precious. I took a lot of notes that are worth pointing out, but there’s one quote I’d like to share, because it’s probably the most beautiful description I’ve read so far about how we understand design processes:
“… the work process has do do something distasteful to the tidy mind, which is to dwell temporarily in mess-wrong moves, false starts, dead ends. Indeed, in technology, as in art, the probing craftsman does more than encounter mess; he or she creates it as a means of understanding working procedures.”

Our job offers have brought about quite a few applications. We are still reviewing them, but there are already some promising ones (if you could imagine working with us, it’s never to late to send your application).

As usual we worked on our two long-term projects we are currently involved. Actually there’s not much I could say about it, so I rather talk about Issaquah. It’s the first project for a bigger client where David took over the responsibility for the visual design and presented his drafts to the client directly. I only had a look at it once a week and gave a little feedback when requested, but other than that, Christophe and I had nothing to do with it. To say it turned out better than expected may sound like we had our doubts about David handling the job well. That’s not the case, we were quite certain that he was able to do it. But now that the project is almost done on our part, I’m very happy with the result. And so is the client. Thinking about that I just counted how long David has been with us, since he started as an intern. Only 15 months!

While Christophe is on a well-deserved vacation in Mexico (some impressions here), the rest of us is still waiting for the first signs of spring. Maybe week 380 will bring some warmer air and a little bit of sun.

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