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Weeknote 377

February 11th to 17th

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 19. February 2013

We had two new business meetings this week. Both projects sound interesting. One is – again – in digital publishing, but different to what we already did in this field. The other is about photography, which is also a pet subject of ours. We’ll see what happens with those, nothing is decided yet.

David and Michael worked together on Issaquah. David has skipped Photoshop for this project and gives Sketch a real-life test-drive, at least for the chrome elements (header, navigation, etc) of this hybrid app. Most of the design however is about displaying text contents, which will be rendered with HTML/CSS in the final product. So Michael and David do the whole design for these parts with with web technologies and its original material. No deceiving simulation in graphics software with fake content – let’s get real!

Christophe and I spent the first half of week doing layout specifications for Puichon. The process of developing the design foundations over the course of the last 6 months was pretty agile (sometimes it even felt erratic to us). And because of the enormous scale and the fast pace of the project, it got a bit messy – since the visual language and the layouts developed constantly across three different devices (tablet, mobile, web), it was about time to take a few days to consolidate and homogenize the design, as well as establish rules for its implementation.

As usual Christophe spent the rest of the week on Conuma. He promised to demo the status quo in our next weekly all hands meeting.

We also launched a little thingy called “Design Position Generator” on Friday. If you need a fancy title for your business card, take this short and fun survey. If you could imagine that this business card has our logo and address on it, have a look at this.

What kind of designer are you?

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