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Weeknote 372 – 373

January 7th to 20th

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 21. January 2013

Sometimes I’m just glad it is weekend, happy if I can forget about work for a day or two. When this happens, I’m not in the mood to write a weeknote. And then I skip it, like I did last week.

I can’t say this week was any less exhausting. But maybe writing this weeknote has some therapeutic effect.

It’s not that we worked crazy hours. There haven’t been any deadlines looming over our heads. Still I feel drained, tired, stressed. It’s coming from a latent discontentment that is brewing inside of me for quite some time. A feeling that I’m not as much in control as I would like to be.

Right now I’m missing the freedom to just skip an afternoon at the office, when I feel more like reading a book or going for a run. I would probably not do this often anyway, but the feeling that it’s OK to not work on a Wednesday afternoon is what I’m missing.

The good thing is that I know what causes this. I’m not sure about the solution though. That’s something we have to figure out soon.

In the end it has something to do with setting boundaries and making sure that we keep the breathing room we need. The opportunities to experiment, the time to learn new skills, the quiet to think (and write*). We briefly discussed blocking Fridays for activities like this. I think that’s something we should try, although it’s just a piece of the puzzle to “the good (working) life”.

Sorry for this moody rant. Here’s what happened in the last two week, telegram style: Lots of work on Puichon. Another full-day workshop with the Conuma team (Michael cooked for everybody, delicious). First drafts for Conuma (follow-up to Wasatch). Meeting with a new client. Christophe and Michael went to the south for a workshop with students.

*) Actually I’m not really satisfied with this post. There is so much more in my head, but I can’t put it in words right now. I just don’t have the inner peace to form precise thoughts and communicate them.

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