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Weeknote 312

November 12th to 18th

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 20. November 2011

This was the first week since quite some time without traveling (at least for me – Christophe and Michael went to Berlin for a day to meet clients). Although there was lots of work to do, it felt much better than the weeks before. I pretty much enjoyed not having to rush to the train station, killing time at the airport or making travel plans. I just went to the office and got some shit done.

Not enough though. At least that what it feels like. We are still playing catch-up with some of the things we’d like to do and just barely keep up with our client work these days.

It would be easy to blame the typical year-end frenzy (which is even more crazier this year), but that would not solve the problem. Especially if the demand keeps up in 2012, which we strive for. So these days I think a lot about organizing and planning, but even more so about focussing. What projects make sense for us, which ones are just slowing us down? Of course you end up with something like “What do we want precious to be?” and since the design studio is not an end in itself, you finally reach the universal question: “What do I want from my life?”.

Ok, that is taking us a bit too far for this weeknote. Rewind.

Here’s an article I came across that resonated with my current thoughts: Twitter/Square founder Jack Dorsey talks about “theming his days” and “tuning out the rest”.

Although still far from perfect, I myself got much better at compartmentalizing my time. It helps me a lot to get more done in less time with a sane mind. The question that’s challenging me right now is: How can these principles be adopted for an organization? How to sync everybody? It’s tricky, even in such a small team as ours.

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