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Weeknote 287

May 21th to 27th

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 28. May 2011

Finally a quieter week in the office. Philipp is cycling through Europe, Michael is sick in bed. That leaves Christophe and me.

We had a meeting on Thursday with the programmers for Comox, but since the project is between two phases, there wasn’t much to do for us. Same with Ecola.

So we had a few hours to do things that been on our mind for quite some time. Like publishing our “Patterns for Multiscreen Strategies”. We wanted to do this for months. It wasn’t actually that much work to finish the slides and the blog post, but we always put it on the back burner. Seeing how well this document is received (6000 views and counting in the first 2 days!), it was stupid not taking the time to do it earlier.

Christophe has installed Xcode, QT Creator, Parallels, Windows and some other stuff to make some adjustments for the Okanogan GUI. Not sure what exactly he’s doing there. Some final interface tweeks for Mazama were on his todo list as well.

I finally got around to work on a little project for our friends from Tocotronic. They are re-releasing their first album on vinyl and I helped them with the LP-sleeves and labels. Since some of the original photo footage (including the polaroid picture for the front cover) is lost, most of the work was scanning and restoring the images from old vinyl-sleeves. I must say that I really enjoy image editing. Especially after a few busy weeks, with lots of conceptual work and discussions, this was the perfect job. It’s a bit like meditating. Hours fly by when using the stamp tool and listing to good music.

Talking about music, here’s our office playlist for 287: playlist

Any music recommendations?

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  1. Bjørn on 28. May 2011
  2. Thanks Bjørn. I know Foals and Fotos, but I’ll check out the others.

    Johannes Schardt on 2. June 2011

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