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Weeknote 283

April 23rd to 29th

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 1. May 2011

This week made it pretty obvious to us: precious needs some change. For some time now, Christophe and I are talking about growing the studio, and the last days once again encourage us to do so. We are happy to have lots of interesting projects and opportunities, but they can become a burden, if you don’t have enough manpower.

That’s why we are glad to have Philipp working with us at the moment. He does a great job for Okanogan, which – after a client meeting on Thursday – is entering phase 2. The visual language of the interface is defined, now we go into details. That requires a lot of understanding of the whole system and its environment. We never worked on an interface that controls something that big, so this is pretty fascinating. It’s also interesting to work on a project, where the hardware is developed along with the software. There have been some strange occurrences with the prototype touch screen when we tested it. But as we learned, the displays have to be exchanged anyway. There is a supply bottleneck, because the Japanese manufacturer was affected by the earthquake.

Christophe and I had a kickoff workshop with a new client. Together with their inhouse team, we worked on some ideas for an education/training software. Again, this is something new for us and we had to get accustomed to lots of peculiar technical terms. Based on our client’s project name, I will refer to it as Ecola until we are allowed to talk about it.

For the rest of the week I was busy with Comox, designing the first screens for the iPad app.

That makes us working on three different platforms in parallel: Touch screen on a custom hardware, a Windows PC software and a tablet app. It’s not getting boring, that’s for sure…

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