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Weeknote 278

March 19th to 25th, 2011

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 25. March 2011

I’m typing this weeknote in an extremely uncomfortable position, so i keep it brief. Christophe and I are sitting in a train back to Hamburg, laptop on our laps, blinded by the sun. And after a week full of workshops, we are pretty exhausted.

On Monday and Tuesday we did training workshops at an advertising agency, on Wednesday we crossed the country to teach design students at the HFG Schwäbisch Gmünd. The topic for all workshops was the same – Multiscreen Strategies – but the spirit, the vibes and the outcome were unlike. Every group is a different beast and each day we changed a few things to test the effects. Iterating and prototyping. In Gmünd we had some support from Martin Jordan, who helped us moderating the exercises and discussions.
As tough as a week full of workshops is, it’s also fun and super interesting. We learned a lot while teaching.

Photo by Martin Jordan

What else? During the few hours we’ve been at the studio this week, we had a new business meeting, worked on the UI for Mazama and finished the layouts for Wenatchee. At our Berlin outpost, Philipp was busy with Okanogan, a touch screen interface for controlling heavy stuff in dark light.

Also this week: the release of Razor, a new synthesizer from Native Instruments. Philipp, who was responsible for the UI design, will post some information about it soon on this very blog.

The train ride is still not coming to an end. This weeknote however is.

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