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Weeknote 277

March 12th to 18th, 2011

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 18. March 2011

This is the first post of what I hope will be a regular thing: weeknotes. I always enjoyed reading the weekly updates from BERG, so we decided to follow their example. Every Friday I’ll try to take a few minutes to write down what happened here at the studio.

The first 7-day recap starts with Saturday. We usually don’t work in the studio on weekends, but Philipp was in town so we seized the opportunity, locked ourselves in and started a new project: Penticton*, a digital publication for tablet computers and mobile phones.
Christophe, Philipp and I tried different approaches for the overall editorial design, discussed and developed some functionalities and made an animation sketch to visualize transitions and interaction behaviours. A pretty good outcome for just one day. It’s always interesting – both encouraging and frustrating – too realize how much can be done, if you are able to focus. Saturdays are perfect for this – no phone calls, no emails crying for attention. How can we make Mondays and Tuesdays more like Saturdays?

Unfortunately Pentiction had to be put on hold this week, because there were other projects which needed our attention. We polished some screens for an iPhone app (codename “Mazama”). A few month ago, we developed the visual language for this app, then the client’s inhouse design team carried on. Now we are called in again to do some refinements. We can’t say much about it, but we hope it will ascend from the darkness of secrecy into the light of the App Store soon.

Christophe was busy with an ongoing consulting job and I was mainly working on Wenatchee*, a point-of-sale iPad app.

And then there were all the little and big things we are doing for the re:publica conference. One of the big things: A visualization of… well, we haven’t figured that quite out yet. After a few days of confusion and doubts caused by endless possibilities, we finally made some decisions which will push the project forward. Michael is already building the technical foundation and made some sketches.

As mentioned previously on this rekindling blog: the Görtz mobile website was launched and an article written by Christophe and me was published in weave magazine in the last few days.

A pretty busy week. A bit too much at once, too fragmented. Our minds are jumping back and forth all the time…

About the 277: precious officially launched in December 2005, when Christophe quit his job at Fork Unstable Media. Using this little tool, I figured we are in week 277 now. But actually our company is much older. The “Stoll/Schardt GbR” – as our little business is known to the financial authorities – has been around for a few more years. Originally the company was founded for our record label 2nd rec and when we launched precious, we kept the same firm for convenience and tax purposes.

*) cryptonym

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