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In an article for weave magazine, we’re exploring what the future of news and digital editorial design could look like.

Author: Christophe Stoll
Date: 13. March 2010

We wrote an 8-pages article for the current issue of German magazine weave (02.2010), exploring what the future of news and magazines could look like. We’re presenting different innovative approaches to journalistic user interfaces, multimedia storytelling, data visualization and glance at the topic of tablet computers such as Apple’s iPad as a new platform for digital editorial design.

One of the four covers of weave, issue 02.2010

In this context we interviewed Nick Bilton of New York TimesBits Blog, Chris Lüscher of Information Architects, Wolfgang Blau, editor in chief of Zeit Online and Mario Garcia.

As a new addition to our rather sporadic interview series, we’re going to publish the full length interview with Mario Garcia, one of the world’s most renowned newspaper designers, here on our weblog next week pretty soon (in English).

Erratum: In der Autorenbox zum Artikel wurden die Angaben zu “Er könnte gerne” vertauscht. Johannes kann sehr gut verzichten und schläft auch nie beim Fernsehen ein. Programmieren würden beide gerne können. Schreinern fände Christophe auch nicht schlecht.

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