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Data Flow 2

The successor on visualizing information in Graphic Design – with text features and interviews by precious.

Author: Christophe Stoll
Date: 12. March 2010

Data Flow 2

We’re in love with data visualization – and we love to explore the great controversial field between scientific approach and artistic visual output. Is it useful, does it generate insight – or does the visual impact override any meaning?

So it was great honor and delight when Gestalten approached us last September and asked if we’d liked to contribute some text features to Data Flow 2, the successor to Data Flow – Visualising Information in Graphic Design from 2008.

Johannes wrote the preface, chapter Introductions and conducted interviews with The New York Times’s Graphics Director Steve Duenes, Andre Vande Moere of, Visualcomplexity’s Manuel Lima, Joachim Sauter of ART+COM as well as cartographer Menno-Jan Kraak.

The book was designed and co-edited by onlab (go there and see some of the beautiful page spreads). we make money not art wrote a convincing review. Order the book at Amazon (affiliate link).

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