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How An Awesome Idea first turned into An Awesome Book, then into An Awesome Book Tour and finally into The Awesome World Foundation.

Author: Christophe Stoll
Date: 17. September 2009

Author and illustrator Dallas Clayton once wrote and illustrated a book for his son and called it An Awesome Book. He only printed a couple of copies and sold them on his website, but suddenly demand became so great and persistent, he quickly had to keep reprinting thousands of copies. Intoxicated by this great and very positive feedback, he decided to go on tour and read his book to as many kids as possible. And finally, he founded The Awesome World Foundation with the following heart-warming goal:

The foundation was formed in an effort to promote children’s literacy by encouraging kids to dream and dream often. The foundation’s goal is to donate one book for every copy of An Awesome Book sold by Awesome World llc. Books are delivered directly and distributed to schools, hospitals, libraries, camps and shelters both domestically and worldwide.

How awesome is all that?

I got a copy of An Awesome Book for my daugther some time ago and not later than now, you should get one as well in the Awesome World Store. You can preview the full book here. And please watch the video below, or even better: go to Dallas’ website and enjoy the full-blown bouquet of awesomeness.

Awesome Book Tour from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks Christophe for my second book order triggered by your recommendation. Really touching book!

    Franz on 17. September 2009
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