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Barcode fun and esoterism

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 28. March 2009

Barcode Forever

Recently Christophe showed me this article (in German). It explains why certain products, especially in the wholefood business, either have a thin line crossing out the bars or a infinity symbol (a rotated 8) printed underneath the barcode. It all has to do with the myth that the barcode contains the evil number 666 and thus the food could be contaminated by the negative vibes… or something.

That reminded me off a bunch of fun, clever, non-standard barcode designs I’ve collected in the last years. Here’s a best-of (may take a while to load):

Creative barcodes

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Oh, there are 7 comments so far

  1. do you also know the boom bip albums on lex?
    ‘seed to sun’ and the remix compilation ‘corymb’ integrate the barcode in the inner sleeve design, and it appears through a hole in the outer sleeve (which also features briliant ‘wet glass on cardboard’ marks. very warm.)

    jérémy on 30. March 2009
  2. yeah – great records! thanks for posting the links :)

    Christophe Stoll on 30. March 2009
  3. makes me wanna listen to some lex vinyl this evening actually …

    Christophe Stoll on 30. March 2009
  4. yeah right, i think there were even more lex releases, that used the barcode as part of the artwork.

    Johannes Schardt on 30. March 2009
  5. Do these scan in correctly or are they art pieces? They’re very nice!

    Emily Lozano on 2. April 2009
  6. yes, these are commercial barcodes. they all should work.

    Johannes Schardt on 2. April 2009
  7. [...] Barcode fun and esoterism [...]

    Barcode fun and esoterism | r-echos on 10. April 2009

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