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The precious family

Where the precious family appears and communicates, how all things are connected – and some updates.

Author: Christophe Stoll
Date: 18. March 2009

The precious family

We’d like to give you a short update, since we have puzzled and experimented a bit with our so called online presence. This was probably leading to some hiccups here and there, mainly in our feeds, but it should be over soon. Please bear with us for a couple of days.

We just added a new project to our online portfolio – Touch Mix, the first iPhone and iPod Touch application we have been working on. Also, you might have already seen the Maschine User Interface. We hope we’ll be able to disclose some more recent work pretty soon.

In the meantime, if you want to get an overview of our projects, please get in touch and we’ll send you our PDF portfolio.

Here’s a commented list presenting all channels you can use to stay up to date regarding the precious family – from birds in the trees to high definition broadcast. In addition, you can subscribe to our mailing list on the right.

That’s –tataaa– the site you’re currently looking at. However, something has changed a bit on the homepage: we’re now aggregating selected posts of our two new personal blogs here (see below). We believe this will lead to some more frequent updates.

If you prefer to read our output in any RSS reader of your choice (you really do?), you can use our RSS feed. The content is the same as on the homepage (see above).

A blog for our record label 2nd rec, with all news and stories around our artists and records.

And the same as an RSS feed.

This is a feed of selected and commented links we’re bookmarking on You can also find them on the precious homepage in one of the narrow columns. You want all the links we’re bookmarking? Johannes, Christophe.

The precious design studio on Flickr. We’re trying to upload most of our work here. And if some celebrity designer is ever going to show up in our office, we’ll try to upload a shot of her or him, too.

The 2nd rec record label on Flickr – featuring coverage all around the glamorous lifestyle of label owners.

The precious design studio on vimeo, where you can find some of our work as screencasts.

This is actually mainly Christophe talking tweeting, trying hard to stay on topic right around the precious design studio. Expect some personal thoughts and anecdotes here too, though.

Here’s Johannes reporting on topics that surround 2nd rec, our record label. If we’re giving away free stuff, this is probably the best source to hear it when it’s hot.

This is Johannes’ personal blog. The theme is heavily inspired by tumblogs. As mentioned above, selected posts are also being syndicated to the precious homepage.

Guess what? This is Christophe’s personal blog. The theme is heavily inspired by Johannes’ blog. Hehe. Some posts are being syndicated to the precious homepage.

Well, this is hardcore. Why? Because this is the place where everything’s coming together. We have set up this so called “lifestream” for research reasons some time ago and are constantly experimenting with it (don’t complain when things are broken). You won’t want to subscribe to that feed, but it’s a good place to browse our activity with the help of tags and filters.

We’re not only aggregating our own blogs and feeds there (see above), we’re also sending over songs we like on, photos or visuals we find interesting on flickr or ffffound, videos we find worth watching on vimeo and YouTube, illuminative presentations on slideshare, links we share in Google Reader – and don’t be surprised if you see snapshots of our kitchen taken via webcam some day …

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Oh, there are 5 comments so far

  1. If I get the picture right precious activity is nothing more than hot air? *_*

    michael on 18. March 2009
  2. Misunderstanding! Using the internet nowadays = hard work! :-)

    Christophe Stoll on 18. March 2009
  3. What’s wrong with hot air anyway? Saunas are healthy, hair dryers are handy, hot air balloons are kool …

    Johannes Schardt on 18. March 2009
  4. This is getting really complicated and too complex – I’m feeling lost.

    Anna on 25. March 2009
  5. mprove on 19. May 2010

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