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A lesson in opportunism

From green to plastic in 30 days

Author: Johannes Schardt
Date: 23. July 2008

The opposite of the aforementioned apartamento magazine is H.O.M.E.. Everything in there seems artificial, starting with the front cover that always features a female model writhing on a piece of “stylish” furniture (you can hear the photographer screaming from behind the camera, “sexy, sexy, cool, cool”).

The June issue of H.O.M.E. was all about sustainability. The table of contents reads: saving water, energy-saving displays, ecological mobility, sustainability for kids, holidays at home and many other articles about going green.

It seems like the publishers and editors of H.O.M.E. haven’t read their own magazine, because a month later, the new issue is sold in a thick, transparent plastic bag. A plastic bag, which the majority of the readers will never use, but throw in the garbage can immediately. And those who actually have use for it, probably won’t take much pleasure in it, since it seems to fall apart quickly.

Thousands of plastic bags produced to be thrown away. So much for sustainability.

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